Howling Goat Farms

Welcome to Howling Goat Farms, we are the Wolf Family! We strive to raise ADGA show quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats and the friendliest GoldenDoodles you have ever met.

Howling Goat Soap

Coming Soon – Howling Goat Soap! We are excited to make goat milk soap from the goats raised here on Howling Goat Farms. The rich and creaming soap bars are sure to leave your skin moisturized and feeling refreshed. We custom create each bar and we are striving to create the best product only using natural ingredients.

Now Available!

Howling Goat Farms Goat Milk

Howling Goat Farms is now offering raw goat milk for animal consumption. Nigerian Dwarf goats produce the highest protein and butterfat of all dairy goats.

Milk is sold at $7/half gallon

All milk will be sold frozen unless requested fresh. Give us a call or leave a message to schedule pick up and for availability.

*License is for animal consumption only. Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria.